Celtic Dragons Under 17 2019/20

Kyra Jones

Head Coach

Andy Clode

Assistant Coach

Bella Jones

Carys Roy

Ella Forsyth

Ella Shields

Ellie Thomas

Eloise Spacey

Georgia Hellerman

Iola-Belle Lake

Josie Bennett

Katy Brain

Lara Watts

Lily-Anne Roberts

Lowri Clark

Lucy Scoble

Megan Hadfield

Naomi Nowell

Nell Edwards

Niamh Sultana

Tyla Johnson

Kyra Jones, Head Coach:

“This year has seen the development of the Celtic Dragons Age group teams. The U17 age group was very competitive with over 80 trialists. It was whittled down to a group of 19 players which have been given an amazing opportunity.

“Since being selected the group have worked hard to implement & develop values and behaviours within their training sessions. Building on trust and honesty and gaining the knowledge of what is needed week in and week out. Their dedication to not only what they do on the court but what they are doing within their S&C programme is showing every time we step out on the court.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they have not only continued where they left off but are continuing to push themselves in other ways, as we are not able to be together.”

This group of players is exciting and both Andy and I look forward to hopefully seeing them play out on court, putting everything they have learned from training into match play.”

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