The Vitality Netball Superleague fixture list for 2018 have been announced.

Celtic Dragons begin the season on Monday 12 February when they host benecosMavericks, meanwhile the #GreenArmy will be live on Sky Sports on 14 May as the Dragons host Loughborough Lightning.

(All fixtures are correct as of 17 Oct 2017)

2018 Vitality Netball Superleague – Fixture List

Round 1

Team Northumbria v Team Bath, 10th Feb, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v UWS Sirens, 10th Feb, 6pm

Severn Stars v Manchester Thunder, 10th Feb, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Surrey Storm, 10th Feb, 7pm*

Celtic Dragons v benecosMavericks, 12th Feb, 7pm


Round 2

Severn Stars v Wasps Netball, 17th Feb, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Loughborough Lightning, 17th Feb, 6pm

Celtic Dragons v Team Bath, 19th Feb, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v UWS Sirens, 19th Feb, 7pm*

benecosMavericks v Surrey Storm, 19th Feb, 7:30pm


Round 3

Wasps Netball v UWS Sirens, 22nd Feb, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v Team Northumbria, 23rd Feb, 7:30pm,

Team Bath v Surrey Storm, 23rd Feb, 7:30pm

benecosMavericks v Severn Stars, 24th Feb, 4pm

Loughborough Lightning v Celtic Dragons 24th Feb, 6pm


Round 4

Celtic Dragons v Surrey Storm, 26th Feb, 7pm

Loughborough Lightning v Manchester Thunder, 26th Feb, 7pm*

UWS Sirens v Team Northumbria, 26th Feb 7pm

benecosMavericks v Wasps Netball, 26th Feb, 7:30pm

Severn Stars v Team Bath, 26th Feb, 7:30pm


Round 5

Team Bath v UWS Sirens, 2nd Mar, 7:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Celtic Dragons, 3rd Mar, 5pm

Loughborough Lightning v Wasps Netball, 3rd Mar, 6pm

Severn Stars v Surrey Storm, 3rd Mar, 6pm

Team Northumbria v benecosMavericks, 5th Mar, 7pm*


Round 6

Team Bath v Manchester Thunder, TBC

Celtic Dragons v Severn Stars, 10th Mar, 4pm

benecosMavericks v UWS Sirens, 10th Mar, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Loughborough Lightning, 10th Mar, 6pm*

Wasps Netball v Team Northumbria, 10th Mar, 7pm


Round 7

UWS Sirens v Severn Stars, 16th Mar, 7pm*

Manchester Thunder v benecosMavericks, 16th Mar, 7:30pm

Loughborough Lightning v Team Bath, 17th Mar, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Surrey Storm, 17th Mar, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Celtic Dragons, 18th Mar, 6pm


2018 Vitality Netball Superleague breaks for the Commonwealth Games

Round 8

Manchester Thunder v Surrey Storm, 21st Apr, 5pm

Team Northumbria v Severn Stars, 21st Apr, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v benecosMavericks, 21st Apr, 7pm

Wasps Netball v Team Bath, 22nd Apr, 3pm*

UWS Sirens v Celtic Dragons, 28th May, 7pm


Round 9

Wasps Netball v Manchester Thunder, 27th Apr, 7pm

UWS Sirens v Surrey Storm, 28th Apr, 2pm

Celtic Dragons v Team Northumbria, 28th Apr, 4pm

Severn Stars v Loughborough Lightning, 28th Apr, 6pm

benecosMavericks v Team Bath, 29th Apr, 5pm*


Round 10

Wasps Netball v Severn Stars, 12th Mar, 7pm

Team Bath v Celtic Dragons, 4th May, 7:30pm

UWS Sirens v Manchester Thunder, 5th May, 2pm

Loughborough Lightning v Team Northumbria, 5th May, 6pm

Surrey Storm v benecosMavericks, 5th May, 6pm


Round 11

Surrey Storm v Celtic Dragons, 7th May, 3pm

Manchester Thunder v Loughborough, 7th May, 5pm

Team Bath v Severn Stars, 7th May, 5pm*

Team Northumbria v UWS Sirens, 7th May, 6pm

Wasps Netball v benecosMavericks, 18th June, 7pm


Round 12

UWS Sirens v Wasps Netball, 12th May, 2pm

Severn Stars v benecosMavericks, 12th May, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Team Bath, 12th May, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Manchester Thunder, 12th May, 6pm

Celtic Dragons v Loughborough Lightning, 14th May, 7pm*


Round 13

benecosMavericks v Celtic Dragons, TBC
Team Bath v Team Northumbria, TBC

UWS Sirens v Loughborough Lightning, 18th May, 7pm

Surrey Storm v Wasps Netball, 7:30pm, 18th May, 7:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Severn Stars, 19th May, 5pm


Round 14

Celtic Dragons v Manchester Thunder, 25th May, 7pm

UWS Sirens v Team Bath, 26th May, 2pm

benecosMavericks v Team Northumbria, 26th May, 6pm

Wasps Netball v Loughborough Lightning, 26th May, 7pm

Surrey Storm v Severn Stars, 28th May, 7pm*


Round 15

Team Bath v benecosMavericks, 1st June, 7:30pm

Surrey Storm v UWS Sirens, 2nd June, 6pm

Team Northumbria v Celtic Dragons, 2nd June, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v Severn Stars, 2nd June, 7pm

Manchester Thunder v Wasps Netball, 2nd June, TBC*


Round 16

Team Bath v Loughborough Lightning, 8th June, 7:30pm

Celtic Dragons v Wasps Netball, 9th June, 4pm

Surrey Storm v Team Northumbria, 9th June, 6pm

benecosMavericks v Manchester Thunder, 9th June 6pm

Severn Stars v UWS Sirens, 11th June, 7pm*


Round 17

Team Bath v Wasps Netball, 15th June, 7:30pm

Celtic Dragons v UWS Sirens, 16th June, 4pm

benecosMavericks v Loughborough Lightning, 16th June, 6pm

Severn Stars v Team Northumbria, 16th June, 6pm

Surrey Storm v Manchester Thunder, 16th June, 6pm


Round 18

UWS Sirens v benecosMavericks, 21st June, 5:30pm

Manchester Thunder v Team Bath, 23rd June, 5pm,

Team Northumbria v Wasps Netball, 23rd June, 6pm

Loughborough Lightning v Surrey Storm, 25th June, 7pm*

Severn Stars v Celtic Dragons, 25th June, 7:30pm



1st place v 4th place, 30th June, TBC

2nd place v 3rd place, 30th June, TBC


Winner SF1 v Winner SF2, 7th July, TBC


*Fixture selected for broadcast on Sky Sports